About US

Barge Cannabis opened to the public July 3rd, 2021 near downtown West Bend, Wisconsin. Founded with a desire to bring a legal choice to Wisconsinites when it comes to managing their lives. Delta-8 THC and other legally derived hemp products are a way to get many of the same benefits that Marijuana offers, without risking your time in prison, or relying on a notoriously unreliable black market with high costs. (NOTE: keep in mind that you will fail a drug test if using delta-8 THC, as the compounds tested are the same metabolites from delta-9 THC.)

Our goal is to bring an affordable, high quality, legal product that can directly compete with the illicit marijuana market in Wisconsin.

If marijuana is legalized in Wisconsin, though, don't worry. Barge Cannabis will be there to offer it as soon as we legally can!

We try to be honest and upfront about things. By 'we' I actually mean I. Barge Cannabis is owned and operated by one person, supported by many people in varying ways.

So, thank you for supporting
Barge Cannabis!